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 O estado cultural do Oxidente numa imagem:

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Laoconte disse...

Graças ao Hollywoke, conhecemos os grandes feitos do Superman e do Captain America para salvar o Mundo, enquanto as façanhas dos nossos heróis nacionais Viriato ou Nuno Alvares Pereira vão-se diluindo nas brumas da memória colectiva. Na verdade, os heróis nacionais dos países do Velho Continente estão a ser substituídos lentamente pelos heróis do Marvel. Quem não conhece o Homem Aranha? e alguém ainda conhece o Bartolomeu Dias ou Fernão de Magalhães?

dragão disse...

Laoconte, exactamente.

Laoconte disse...

By Thorsten J. Pattberg for the Saker Blog

Corporations lie to us – the consumers – that we naturally follow their brand, cause and celebrity. We don’t. They follow us.

Whitney Houston Follows

...you cannot NOT know Whitney Houston. It is impossible. Why, because you followed her! You did not follow her? Well, now you are making yourself out to be a complete idiot, because you don‘t know how the human hierarchy works. You had no way NOT to follow Whitney Houston or any other mega American celebrity in the world – Elvis Presley, Michael Jackson or Whitney Houston – and I explain to you here why: THEY followed you!

... Whitney Houston died in 2012, but they are still making money from her. She is such a perfect example for the theory of ‘They Follow’ that it needs to blow up. Whitney was a black soul singer who started her career with her mother in a church choir. She was tall, had a great voice and a beautiful smile.

Now think this girl through from the perspective of the music industry, producers, film makers, the media, the magazines and the entire culture: We have – back in the 90s – 240 million mindless consumers in America, and maybe 6 billion mindless consumers in the world that is dominated and colonized by America. How do we go to each and every mindless consumer and play, show, read and repeat to them Whitney Houston?

...The people have no way not to follow. Whitney Houston plays on radio, is on TV, is on tape, vinyl records and CDs. She is in every youth magazine, every men’s magazine, every gossip journal, in every store, and at least 50% of the population is below average intelligence and thus talks about how they followed Whitney Houston. Well, they didn’t. They were totally overwhelmed and brainwashed by global marketing.

...Next you say you refuse to follow Whitney Houston on radio. Instead you go to see a movie. And what do you know, Whitney Houston just so happened to star in that mandatory global blockbuster movie – The Bodyguard, The Preacher’s Wife, The Princess Diary. And when you return home, you can also watch Whitney Houston on Saturday Night Live or in a Coca-Cola commercial.

Consumers do not understand any of the industries and the 10,000 professionals involved who are constantly following them – the consumers. It is unnatural, unrealistic and absurd to believe that billions of people would actively search for that brown gospel singer girl from Newark, New Jersey. Yes, she is beautiful, but so are our own women, in our own community, our wives and friends. We should follow our own people, not some American.

...Whitney Houston is following everyone, no deserters. You cannot live without reading, listening, watching, breathing Whitney Houston. She will find you, even in libraries under “The Greatest Artists of All Time” or in the book of records under “The Greatest Pop Culture Icons of All Time” and so on and so forth. The attack on consumers worldwide is ferocious.

So, say you are not into black gospel or pop culture but like the Beatles? No problem, Whitney Houston is also always mentioned in the same sentence with the Beatles for having produced “half a dozen of Number One hits.”

... What about East-Asia? Well, she sang ‘One Moment in Time’ for the 1988 Summer Olympics in Korea, lest the East Asians were not yet followed enough.

It is all fake and lies. She didn’t even write the songs. That’s why she became mentally ill and a cocaine addict. Whitney Houston knew her fame was disproportional and unreal. Like she was some pleasure doll of some Galactic Dictator who can decide: I make you a star. And then she is a star. Because that is what Galactic Dictators do, they dictate everyone.

...How does that not make sense, if you think it through? The reason why the entire world is allegedly following Whitney Houston is that Whitney Houston global propaganda is actively and very aggressively following all of us.

And that’s the ultimate reason why the world follows American Whitney Houston and not some Indian, German or Chinese chick. O power of the global Dictator.

Vivendi disse...

Woke is the new trend!

It`s a Freak Show!