sexta-feira, junho 16, 2006

Em breve um Novo Eixo, num cinema perto de si...

Mais um artigo a não perder de William Engdahl, um especialista em geopolítica "energética", no meu modesto entender, dos mais bem informados.

«US outflanked in Eurasia energy politics».


«Late last month Russia and Algeria, the two largest gas suppliers to Europe, agreed to increase energy cooperation. Algeria has given Russian companies exclusive access to Algerian oil and gas fields, and Gazprom and Sonatrach will cooperate in delivery to France. Putin has canceled Algeria's US$4.7 billion debt to Russia and, for its part, Algeria will buy $7.5 billion worth of Russian advanced jet fighters, air defense systems and other weapons. »

«On May 26 Russian Defense Minister Sergei Ivanov also announced that his country would definitely supply Iran with sophisticated Tor-M1 anti-aircraft missiles, reportedly as a prelude to supplying even more sophisticated weapons. »

«Then, in one of the more fascinating examples of geopolitical chutzpah, the Kremlin-controlled Gazprom gas monopoly entered quiet negotiations with Israeli Prime Minister Ehud Olmert through his billionaire friend, Benny Steinmetz, to secure Russian natural-gas supplies to Israel via an undersea pipeline from Turkey to Israel. »

Entretanto, registem-se as fascinantes declarações de um dos mais proeminentes e influentes neo-conas das américas:
«Kagan declared, in reference to Russia and China, "Until now the liberal West's strategy has been to try to integrate these two powers into the international liberal order, to tame them and make them safe for liberalism. If, instead, China and Russia are going to be sturdy pillars of autocracy over the coming decades, enduring and perhaps even prospering, then they cannot be expected to embrace the West's vision of humanity's inexorable evolution toward democracy and the end of autocratic rule." Kagan charged that China and Russia have emerged as the protectors of "an informal league of dictators" that, according to Kagan, currently includes the leaders of Belarus, Uzbekistan, Myanmar, Zimbabwe, Sudan, Venezuela, Iran and Angola, among others around the world, who, like the leaders of Russia and China themselves, resist any efforts by the West to interfere in their domestic affairs, either through sanctions or other means. "The question is what the United States and Europe decide to do in response," wrote Kagan. »

Ou eu me engano muito, ou a Al-Qaeda está a passar de moda. Andaram a brincar ao "vem aí o lobo" e agora, depois de tantos falsos alarmes, vem lobo, vem urso, vem um bestiário completo. Aliás, minto: vem o urso e as outras bestas, porque o lobo já cá estava. É precisamente aquele que se entretem a acagaçar-nos com o "vem aí lobo"!...

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