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 «The Trials is a new play that opened last week. The rough story: In an unspecified near future, a jury of teenagers is putting members of the previous generation on trial for crimes against the climate. The offences apparently include flying around the world, working for oil companies or having “non-vegan children,” to which the “defendants” all admit guilt and plead special circumstances, rather than claiming they did nothing wrong. The sentence they face is death – literal execution – in an openly Malthusian population reduction exercise. The teenaged jurors, who all announce their preferred pronouns when introduced to each other, don’t all agree the system is justified or right, but the very fact it is even a subject of discussion is a warning sign, normalizing some very dangerous ideas. And, as usual, it is the unquestioned assumptions of the piece that sell the real message: climate change is real and man-made and going to destroy the planet, and we should all feel terribly guilty about the world we’re potentially leaving to our children. I would agree with that last part, but it has nothing to do with climate. There’s a comedic silver lining, at least: Consider how monumentally terrible it must be if the Guardian only gave it three stars

Já são dois fardos de culpa, imperdoáveis e irredimíveis, para o "comum cidadão ocidental": um, no passado, o holocoiso, e outro no futuro, o apocalixo climatétrico. O presente consiste, basicamente, em carregar com esses esmagadores fardos, pela existência, em expiação... Por auto-flagelação (da memória) e jejum mortificante (da verdade). Ou seja, penar sem perdão nem salvação. Porém,  como dizia o outro, consegue enganar-se muita gente durante muito tempo; mas não se consegue enganar toda a gente durante todo o tempo. Por isso, um dia, é fatal: tudo vai esfarelar-se pela retrete. Quer dizer, vai acabar mal. Muito mal.

Já agora, isto, é o quê - fake nus?:

«Led by a Nobel Prize laureate, more than 1,100 scientists and scholars have signed a document declaring climate science is based more on personal beliefs and political agendas than sound, rigorous science.

The World Climate Declaration states climate science “should be less political, while climate policies should be more scientific.”

“Scientists should openly address uncertainties and exaggerations in their predictions of global warming, while politicians should dispassionately count the real costs as well as the imagined benefits of their policy measures,” the declaration reads.»

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Vivendi disse...

Deixa-me adivinhar: A pena de morte é executada com uma injecção.

É o filme dos globalistas... numa esquina cada vez mais perto de si.