sexta-feira, agosto 11, 2006

A Mão e o Bolso

Mais alguns dados sobre o encerramento do maior campo petrolífero dos Estados Unidos, por parte da BP:

«The Brilliantly Profitable Timing of the Alaska Oil Pipeline Shutdown.»

«(...)Why shut the pipe now? The timing of a sudden inspection and fix of a decade-long problem has a suspicious smell. A precipitous shutdown in mid-summer, in the middle of Middle East war(s), is guaranteed to raise prices and reap monster profits for BP. The price of crude jumped $2.22 a barrel on the shutdown news to over $76. How lucky for BP which sells four million barrels of oil a day. Had BP completed its inspection and repairs a couple years back — say, after Dan Lawn’s tenth warning — the oil market would have hardly noticed.
But $2 a barrel is just the beginning of BP’s shut-down bonus. The Alaskan oil was destined for the California market which now faces a supply crisis at the very height of the summer travel season. The big winner is ARCO petroleum, the largest retailer in the Golden State. ARCO is a 100%-owned subsidiary of … British Petroleum. (...)»

Acima da "mão invisível", neste mundo, só existe uma entidade: o "Bolso oculto". Onde ela nidifica, isto é, toca as pívias inefáveis.

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