terça-feira, julho 07, 2009

Bubble Gun

O artigo já está online. E está a dar que falar.

«The Great American Bubble Machine»

E o mais interessante, claro sinal de que o pontapé lhes chegou às partes sensíveis, foi a reacção:

«But much more shocking than Mr Taibbi's well-crafted paragraphs about Goldman Sachs engineering every great market event since the Great Depression, and running the US Government, was the reaction by the normally tight-lipped firm.

Instead of ignoring an article that accused it of rigging the booms in internet stocks, oil prices and mortgage-backed bonds alongside a cover of the Jonas Brothers, Goldman went running to Wall Street's favourite tabloid, the New York Post, to defend itself.

"(Mr Taibbi's) story is an hysterical compilation of conspiracy theories," a furious Goldman spokesman, Lucas Van Praag, emailed the Post

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