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O Triunfo do Labirinto - 5. As ironias do destino

«[Isaac] Babel had said in his speech at the First Congress of Soviet Writers in 1934:
"In our day, bad taste is counter-revolution... As writers, we must contribute to the victory of a new, bolshevik taste in our country. It will not be an insignificant political victory because, fortunately for us, we do not have victories that are not political... The style of the Bolshevik epoch is calm, strenght and self-control; it is full of fire, passion, power, and joy. Who should we model ourselves on?... Just look at the way Stalin forges his speechs, how chiseled his spare words are, how full of muscular strenght."
Babel was executed for bad taste - for not mastering the style, not being able to forge himself like Stalin.»
- The Jewish Century", pp.271

«Once, when after another arrest, I asked: "what is going on? Why? What for?" Your father [i.e., her husband, an agent of the Main Intelligence Directorate] replied calmly: "Why are you so upset? When I told you how the white officers were being shot in the Crimeia you weren't upset, were you? When the bourgeousie and the kulacks were being exterminated, you used to justify it, didn't you? But now that it's your turn, you ask: "How? Why?" This is the way it's been from the very beginning.»
- Ibidem

Podemos agora fazer um paralelismo com aquele célebre comentário do pastor na Alemanha Nazi -
"Um dia vieram e levaram o meu vizinho que era judeu.Como não sou judeu, não me incomodei.
No dia seguinte, vieram e levaram o meu outro vizinho que era comunista. Como não sou comunista, não me incomodei .
No terceiro dia vieram e levaram o meu vizinho católico.Como não sou católico, não me incomodei.
No quarto dia, vieram e levaram-me. Já não havia mais ninguém para reclamar..."

Dá qualquer coisa como:

Primeiro mataram os oficiais czaristas e acharam bem.
Depois mataram os burgueses e consideraram melhor ainda.
A seguir exterminaram os kulacks e pareceu-lhes sublime.
Quando chegou a vez dos judeus, já não havia ninguém para protestar: os judeus, operadores destacados da máquina, tinham-nos chacinado a todos.

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