terça-feira, dezembro 16, 2008

Cheques e balanços

Mais habilidades do galhardo Madoff:

«The lobbying firm Dow Lohnes Government Strategies filed paperwork on Dec. 12, terminating its lobbying contract with Bernard L. Madoff Investment Securities. That ended more than 10 years of Madoff lobbying in Washington, in which his investment firm spent more than $400,000 to influence the federal government.»

Mas a lóbice era só uma das vertentes tácticas. A ancestral cleptogamia (ou vaginopepsia estratégica) não podia faltar:
«But lobbying is just a piece of Madoff’s influence in Washington. His family has contributed nearly $400,000 to political committees. And his niece, Shana Madoff Swanson, who serves as a compliance attorney at his firm, is married to a former high-ranking Securities and Exchange Commission official, Eric Swanson.»

Deve ser a isto que os pacóvios de plantão chamam "cheques e balanços".

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