domingo, fevereiro 17, 2008

O Motor do "Pugresso"

O livro (capa em epígrafe) já é de 1995, mas tem especial interesse na medida em que é escrito por um autor judeu, professor na Universidade John Hopkins, que analisa o tema duma perspectiva pró-judaica.
Uma recensão não menos interessante e sugestiva pode ser lida aqui. Adianto alguns realces da mesma:
«German Jews gained significant power in the United States after the Civil War, largely in the realm of finance. Jews financed the U.S. regime's Civil War debt, the debts of the reconstructed Southern states, and the nascent industries» (...)
«The Jewish role in the Progressive movement crested in the Wilson administration, with Louis Brandeis playing a major role in the creation of the Federal Reserve System and the Federal Trade Commission.» (...)
«It was with Franklin Roosevelt's New Deal that Jews gained long-term power in the United States, power that continues into the present. Jews served as Roosevelt's idea men and staffed his New Deal agencies.»(...)
«In the 1960s, the Jews played key roles in the civil rights revolution and the concomitant Great Society programs. For Jews, Ginsberg points out, support for black civil rights was not only a "moral commitment" but also an "important political tactic" to weaken the white South and the ethnic machine politicians in the North, and, as a consequence, increase their own relative power within the Democratic coalition.» (...)

Finalmente, em citação directa do próprio texto de Ginsberg:
«From the 1970s onward, Jews led or were influential in most, though not all, of the political reform, feminist, consumer rights, gay rights, environmentalist and other public interest groups and related foundations, study groups, and think tanks that came to dominate the Democratic party during the 1970s and continue to be the leading forces within that party today
Uma obra de leitura obrigatória, portanto.

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