quinta-feira, abril 20, 2006

Mais ninharias

«Oil hit a record $74 a barrel Wednesday on fears Iran's intensifying dispute with the West may hit oil supplies and after U.S. gasoline stocks dropped.».

Vou apostar na Betandwin: antes do fim deste ano vai atingir os 90USD/barril. Depois do "choque tecnológico", temos o choque petrolífero.

Até porque, segundo o presidente maluco do Irão:
«The global oil price has not reached its real value yet. The products derived from crude oil are sold at prices dozens of times higher than those charged by oil-producing countries"»

E o pior é que Fadel Gheit, analista da Oppenheimer & Co confirma que:
«that there was some truth in Ahmadinejad's comment on developed countries benefiting most from increased oil prices, though the statement would likely be seen as an attempt at "fanning the flames" of a red-hot oil market.»
«"The street value (of oil) is triple what OPEC is making," Gheit added, referring to the value of a barrel of gasoline versus the value of a barrel of oil.
Gheit estimated that in London, where the retail price of gasoline is about $6 a gallon, about $150 worth of gasoline can be made and sold from every $50 barrel of oil.

"That is why Exxon Mobil and all the rest make so much money," - diz ele.

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